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3G9Group manages Intellectual Property on behalf of our clients. We provide specialist services in IP management,
IP marketing and Finance and work with our clients to provide custom solutions.

3G9 has developed a comprehensive assessment and management process, a network of partners and effective working relationships specifically designed to establish sound and profitable paths from concept to market leader.

Many of our clients are also partners and collaboration joint venture and diversified investment strategies are important components in many of the projects currently under management.

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I P Management
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Fashion, style, trends what is next? Infuence is created by effective communication and choices and decisions are sometimes made with limited knowlege but always made as a result of reaching one simple conclusion. "this is the best"
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As an engineer and Flight crew with the airlines being able to visualize the destination, understand the best path to take to ensure you arrive on time and in tact while constantly monitoring the changing environment are crucial skills required to allow any IP to take off and land.
IP Management

Protect your IP
Develop your IP
License your IP
Joint Venture IP

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Establish your Brand
Identify your Markets
Position your Product
Maintain your Advantage

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Project Funding
Equity Capital
License Agreements
Grants & Export

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